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Smithers456 Smithers456 21 January 2019

Brand New RPG based on Secondary Clamp Characters

Greetings Everyone,

I've started a RPG based on the secondary characters who appear in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Collected Memories series. The following characters are noted on: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Collected Memories Manga Vol  1, Pg 's 190 - 193

Tsubasa Revelations Chronicles - Dramatis Personae
Premise - Their are many characters who appear in both the Tsubasa and xxxHolic Anime / Manga series. Some of these characters will look familiar but you haven't really met most of them before.

1. Sakura - She's older than her counterpart from Cardcaptor Sakura.. Princess Sakura is a happy Princess, well loved, and she possesses the power to change the world.

2. Syaoran - Syaoran's Father died in an Archaeological dig which leaving…

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Caridee Caridee 8 July 2014

Questions (SPOILERS)

Major, major spoilers for people who haven't been keeping up with Rei's storyline

Just finished reading a rough translation from Rei's last chapter so far (Chapter 38) before entering its hiatus, and just gotta say this isn't what I had expected

Some points to add:

  • Watanuki did travel into a dream, in order to gather things for Syaoran's quest
  • He wanted the dream to seem as natural as possible, so he didn't bring Mokona
  • Doumeki and Himawari followed him, only in his conscience (What does that even mean anyway?)
  • He wasn't aware that he was inside a dream, until the last chapters where he hears the voice from the phone and confronts Yuko.


  • Last chapter, we find out that "Yuko is alive in this dimension" (Big WTF moment)
  • The choice he had to ma…
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Jim alvez Jim alvez 9 April 2014

XXX Holic characters

whats your favorite character in XXX Holic? ,for me Kudakitsune are the best!!!!

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NuitTombee NuitTombee 30 September 2013

Alpha Blog

Just doing this to shamelessly get the points.

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Caridee Caridee 8 February 2013


xxxHolic Updates

Here's a summary of the updates for xxxHOLiC drama:

  • They haven't made any special requests for this adaptation.
  • They left everything in charge of the director and the staff.
  • Their favorite scenes upon reading the script were the beginning, when Watanuki meets Yuuko, and the ending.
  • They confirm the absence of Mokona in this adaptation, and recognize that it would be difficult to have it as a plush toy or CG, even though they would really like to see Mokona in a live action.
  • In the case of the TV drama becoming a regular series, they would like to see more of Anne's performance and Watanuki as the shop's owner in "Rou".
  • Naoto Takenaka will play the role of Ayakashi in the form of a doctor (and not Haruka Doumeki)

The titles of the …

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Caridee Caridee 24 December 2012

Great News

CLAMP will resume xxxHOLiC manga in February 2013, with xxxHOLiC ◆ Rei

Hey people it's been confirmed! xxxHolic is coming back! CLAMP announced this last Dec 2, during the CLAMP Fest in Nagoya. It's expected that it will resume its publication on the Young Magazine.

The new series will be called XXXHOLiC ◆ Rei (XXXHOLiC ◆ 戻 < レイ >). The kanji for 戻 roughly means "return". This will coincide with the release of the XXXHOLiC artbook, the TV Drama and also the series' 10th Anniversary.

XXXHOLiC TV Drama to begin broadcast in February 

CLAMP-NET.COM announced that XXXHOLiC will be adapted to a live-action TV Drama! The show will be aired in WOWOW channel in February 24, 2013, and will cover the entire plot of XXXHOLiC. It will be aired in WOWOW's…

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LaughingVampire1990 LaughingVampire1990 28 May 2011

Hey All

Hey all i'm back,i'll start posting tomorrow,miss you guys ! :)

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Hisana456 Hisana456 27 May 2011

:( Need HEELLPP!!!!!

Hi everyone.

You see I'm the admin of the Kobato wiki(another work of CLAMP) and I desperately need help in editing it.

So please,anyone out there, help me.

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Koyuki1401 Koyuki1401 1 April 2011


Yeah!!! It's April 1st, and we all know that Watanuki's birthday.

Happy Birthday Watanuki. And also from Tsubasa Chronicle, it's Sakura and Syaoran birthdays too. Yeah... many Clamp's character celebrate their birthday.... XDDD

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ArmadaPhoenix ArmadaPhoenix 17 February 2011

Trying to open a page on this Wiki

Hey guys!

I am currently trying to find a solution to upload videos of the episodes of XXXHolic all from Season 1 to the OVA Adayume.



"the power of hitsuzen, be with you"

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TorranceMouse TorranceMouse 15 December 2010

My Life As a Gifted Child

This page is under development.

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TorranceMouse TorranceMouse 9 December 2010

xxxHolic: Birth by Sleep

The door opened, as I turned around.

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XDarkSerenityx XDarkSerenityx 14 October 2010

Kobato and Chobits


I was doing a little bit of research on CLAMP's series (xxxHolic is written by the managka team CLAMP), and I came across the wikia of both Kobato and Chobits and it looks as if the wikias are inactive! If you have read either Kobato or Chobits, please look at the wikia and see if you are interested in helping the site and maybe even adopting it. I's sad to see a sister manga of xxxHolic be inactive so any imput you could put in would be appreciated!

Let's also help all our sister managas!



Also check out Tsubasa wikia and Card Captor Sakura wikia!

XDarkSerenityx 22:00, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

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XDarkSerenityx XDarkSerenityx 17 September 2010


Congradulations XxxHolic Wikia! We finally reached our first milestone of 100 articles! Thank you for all your help and support and thanks to all of you who have helped edit or even have added articles to this wikia. Eevery edit counts and we couldn't have gotten here without you!

A special thanks for the admins, Laughing Vampire1990 and Caridee, without you, nothing would have been possible.

Also, please check out the Music page, both Laughing Vampire and I worked very hard on it.

Thanks for all the help again and let's try to reach our next milestone of 150 articles!

XDarkSerenityx 00:52, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

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LaughingVampire1990 LaughingVampire1990 6 September 2010

Wich Is Your Favourite?

1 Between



Which one you like>

2 Between



Which one you like>?

just add one number to answer !

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Caridee Caridee 26 August 2010

Introducing kari - new adminship

Hello people!! As you probably know I'm the head admin in the TRC wiki- our sister wiki I will be posting more news in my blog. Be sure to check it out.

--♣keep ur eyes on me** now we're on the edge of hell** 02:17, August 26, 2010 (UTC)

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