Chapter 13
Chapter # 13
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 02
Cover Characters: Yuuko and Mokona
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Chapter 13 is a thirteenth chapter of xxxHOLiC.



Watanuki is at school and he just finished gym class when Himawari stops by to say hello. Himawari says that it must have been tiring playing soccer on such a hot day an it was especially impessive when Watanuki scored a goal on the other team. Watanuki pretends to be modest and says that it was nothing as Himawari continues talking and says that the goal keeper on the other team was also quite good. Watanuki is instantly jealous and says that it was a miracle that the goal keeper blocked any other shots. Right then, a voice behind Watanuki asks "And at this school, miracles will happen as many as six times?" When Watanuki turns to look who it is, he sees that it is the goal keeper from the other team: Shizuka Domeki. Watanuki then continues complaining, saying that he felt sorry for Domeki and let him block his shots on purpose. Watanuki and Domeki continue to fight and when Domeki leaves, saying he'll be late for class. Himawari smiles and says that they are very close friends. Watanuki is confused at how she could mistake the fighting for friendship. Himawari says that Domeki is very popular with the girls. Watanuki then gets the impression that Himawari has a crush on Domeki.

Back at Yuuko's shop, Yuuko is complaining about the heat when Watanuki arrives at the shop and tells Yuuko the whole story about what happened at school. Yuuko tells Watanuki that he must ask Himawari out before Domeki does but Watanuki declines. He says that he gets too nervous when they're alone and he can never ask her. Yuuko then proposes a group date where they should all tell ghost stories. Watanuki dislikes the idea but Yuuko decides to do it anyways. She then asks Watanuki where Domeki lives and Watanuki responds that Domeki lives in a big temple. Yuuko and Mokana (larg) then decides that they will do the "100 Ghost Stories" at Domeki's house.