Chapter 14
Chapter # 14
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 02
Cover Characters: Himawari Kunogi
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Chapter 14 is a fourteenth chapter of xxxHOLiC.



The next day at school, Watanuki asks Domeki if they can do the ghost stories at his temple. Domeki teases him and Watnuki gets angry, saying that he wouldn't have asked if Yuuko hadn't brought up what the fortune teller said about a male friend. Later, Domeki finally agrees but under one condition, unfortunately, this condition is not revealed yet. On the night of the ghost stories, Himawari meets Yuuko for the first time in front of Domeki's temple and tells her that she is "impressed by her appearance," she even tells Watanuki later that his boss (Yuuko) is extremely beautiful. Yuuko then pulls Watanuki away and tells him that Himawari is very cute but that she is also a very troublesome child. Watunki agrees, saying she's too cute.

When they step out of the rain and enter Domeki's temple, Watanuki asks him if it's okay that they tell ghost stories that day because Domeki had said that it was going to be used. Domeki says that it doesn't matter and Yuuko smiles. Yuuko then starts the preparations of the ghost stories. She places a water basin in the corner of the room and takes out four candles. She tells everyone to take a candle and place it in on a stand in the corners of the room and light it. Once this is all done, Yuuko announces that everything is in place and that they will now start the ceremonies.