Chapter 16
Chapter 16 Cover
Chapter # 16
Chapter Length: 22 Pages
Volume # 03
Cover Characters: Yuko, Kimihiro Watanuki, Shizuka Domeki and Himawari Kunogi
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Chapter 16 is a sixteenth chapter of xxxHOLiC.



Watanuki, Yuuko and Doumeki are at a park playing baseball. Watanuki pitches the ball to Yuuko and she hits it hard, sending the ball out of the park and Yuuko orders to Watanuki to go and retrieve the ball. When Watanuki comes back, all three decide to eat lunch. The three are in the middle of conversing over how Watanuki is upset about how Domeki had to be there with them when Mokona's eyes spring open and opens his mouth. A light comes out from his mouth like a movie projector and in the light, Yuuko, Watanuki and Domeki can see Syaoran and the others. While Yuuko talks to Syaoran, Watanuki explains the situation to Domeki who ends up believing Watanuki. When Watanuki finishes explaining, Yuuko tells Syaoran that she will "break the seal on the city," but only for a price. Syaoran pays with Fai's magical staff that he said he does not find use for and Yuuko agrees that this is enough. Yuuko then sends Syaoran a black ball and Yuuko tells Watanuki that the ball is the spirits that attacked Watanuki at the ghost stories ceremonies. Yuuko and Syaoran finally say goodbye and the image shatters.

Afterwards, Himawari comes to the park saying that she wants to ask Yuuko for something. She tells her that there is something strange is happening at her friend's school. She explains that the students there are playing a game called "Angel." This is where you write 50 words on a piece of paper and then put a coin on the paper. You then ask a question and the coin will move around and stop at certain words to answer your question. Himawari asks Yuuko is she can go help her friend and Yuuko agrees saying that she will also need Watanuki and Domeki's help.