Chapter 18
Chapter # 18
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 03
Cover Characters: Mokona Modoki (Larg)
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Chapter 18 is a eighteenth chapter of xxxHOLiC.



Yuuko is sitting down on the porch in front of the shop, saying what a nice day it is, while Watanuki hauls out all the objects in Yuuko's treasure room and into the lawn. Watanuki complains saying that she has too much stuff in that room and that she should really clean it out herself once in a while so that it doesn't pile up. Watanuki then spots something strange in the pile of objects: a small fuzzy ball. He picks it up, asking Yuuko what it is and suddenly, Mokona unrolls and surprises Watanuki, causing him to yell at the playful Mokona. Watanuki then turns around to see Maru and Moro hitting a butterfly patteren carpet with a staff (the magical staff that Yuuko recieved from Fai) though every time they try to hit a butterfly, it moves to the side. Bewildered, Watanuki asks Yuuko why the butterflies are moving and Yuuko casually reponds with the obvious answer: "because they do not want to get hit." Watanuki then asks her if all the things in the treasure room have a special power, and Yuuko answers that they might not all be magical but that they are all special. She also explains that the objects are for others who need them more than she does, therefore, they are not really hers and her treasure room is merely a resting station for the objects until the people who needs them come along and take them.

Suddenly, a woman comes into the shop saying that she was just passing by then she saw all the objects in the yard. She says that she collects antiques and that she would like to look around to see if there is something she could buy. Yuuko welcomes the woman, saying that it was inevitable that she would come here and asks her what object interested her the most. The woman picks up a small decorated cylinder and tells Yuuko that it caught her attention. She also asks her what is inside. Yuuko tells the woman that the object does not suit her but the woman insists that she will pay whatever price. Yuuko tells her that it is not this, she says that she will even give it to her for free but under the condition that she never opens it.