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Chapter 7
Chapter # 007
Chapter Length: 28 Pages
Volume # 01
Cover Characters: Watanuki and Yuuko
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Chapter 7 is a seventh chapter of XxxHOLiC.


The woman cannot stop using the internet even when she promised Yuko to stop. When Yuko finds out, she returns to the apartment to see the woman and teach her the truth about habits. Will this be enough to convince the woman?


Yuuko’s customer is cleaning her house when she starts thinking about her computer. She tries not to go near the computer and at first she succeeds but then she remembers all her online friends and says that it would be rude to quit the internet without telling them. The woman turns on the computer and e-mails her friends that she is quitting the internet when she gets caught up in websites and downloading. This is when Yuuko and Watanuki suddenly burst through the window. The woman sees them and tells Yuuko that she just wanted to e-mail her friends and download a short story but Yuuko tells her that when a person says that they will quit something, it means that they must never do it again. Yuuko then tells the woman that she is using her family as an excuse to quit the computer but the only way that she will successfully be able to quit is if she does it for herself. Yuuko then asks the woman to choose between two worlds: her world with her family and friends or her life on the internet. The woman ultimately decides to quit the computer. The woman then asks Yuuko to help her quit her computer and Yuuko agrees though she says that for payment, she wants the woman’s baby chair. Yuuko then takes out a marker and the red bat she just bought. With the marker, Yuuko writes “the sword,” on the bat. Yuuko then breaks the computer in half and then leaves the apartment, telling the woman that the rest is up to her.

While walking home, Watanuki asks Yuuko if the woman will stop using the computer. Yuuko then answers him by saying that it is all up to the woman because all she did was stop her from using the computer in her house but that the woman could easily find another way to go on the internet. Yuuko explains that only one can make one’s own happiness and so it all depends on the woman. The chapter ending where Yuuko and Watanuki go get souvenirs.