Chibi Kitsune
Chibi Kitsune
Chibi Kitsune thanking Watanuki for the Arrow of Virtue
Series: xxxHolic
Gender: Male
Age:  ?
Birthday:  ?
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Kitsune (father)
Residence  ?
Current Status: Alive
Powers  ?
Physical Traits: Small fox
First Appearance(Manga): Volume 3, Chapter 20
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 5
Voice Actors
Japanese: Yumiko Kobayashi
English Luci Christian

The Chibi Kitsune (ちび狐, small fox) is one of the two fox sprites running the Fox Oden cart.


Chibi is a beige coloured anthropomorphic fox with large ears. He wears a long kimono.



This cute little fox works with his dad at the mysterious oden stand. He's shy, but he'll stand up for his friends. Watanuki gave him one of Doumeki's broken arrows, the Arrow of Virtue. and in exchange he saved his life in a parade. In the anime, he collected special objects and played shiritori with Watanuki and Mokona. Appearently, the night stand and the foxes cannot be seen by regular people but since Watanuki can see spirits, he can see them too. Chibi also collects special and rare items that he keeps in his drawer.

Talents and Abilities

The young kitsune is capable of partially making himself visible in the human world, though he isn't strong enough to fully manifest yet. He also helps his father make oden, and is apparantly able to make oden as well, just not as good as his father.



Chibi Kitsune is Kitsune's son and even though the relationship between the two isn't shown much in detail, they seem to be close. Chibi Kitsune loves his father very much and it is even seen in xxxHolic Ro that he made a new dish that his father can sell at the oden shop as a birthday present. He mentions this to Watanuki while adding that he wanted to make a very special gift for his father.

Kimihiro Watanuki

The shopowner and the young fox are on very good terms. Meeting in the early chapters of xxxHolic, the two have known each other for a very long time and even through xxxHolic Ro, remain good friends. Watanuki has given Chibi Kitsune a few gifts including the arrow of virtue and a gloves that he knitted for the fox and the fox shows his gratitude by making food for him. Watanuki is one of few humans that can see him.