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Kitsune greets Watanuki
Series: xxxHolic
Gender: Male
Age:  ?
Birthday:  ?
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Chibi Kitsune (son)
Residence  ?
Current Status: Alive
Powers  ?
Physical Traits: Anthropormorphic Fox/Kitsune Spirit
First Appearance(Manga): Volume 3, Chapter 20
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 5
Voice Actors
Japanese: Toshio Furukawa
English Sonny Strait

Kitsune ( キツネ, fox) is one of the two fox sprites running the Fox Oden cart.


He wears a white/beige kimono, round-lens glasses, black apron with a cresent moon and wheat grass (solid grey-blue in the anime), a grey scarf, and bamboo sandals. His fur color is solid yellow- orange, except for a white tail tip, as seen in his son.



This kitsune owns a stand and sells oden to anyone who can see it -which is hard for a human, actually. He's a rather nice guy, and is friends with Yuuko from a while back. In the anime, he received the bird cage the old man got in the manga and the Arrow of Virtue, he healed the shadow birds from a wound. He has a son, the Chibi Kitsune. He and his child appeared in Episode 5.


Yuko Ichihara

Kitsune was an old friend of Yuko. Although, it is still unknown(even in the manga) how they met and the reason between the meeting.

Interesting to note, in the manga Yuko assigned Watanuki to give the 'Mystical Bird Cage' to another unknown old man. However, in the anime, Watanuki was assigned to give it to Kitsune rather than him. The reason for this change is unknown.

Kimihiro Watanuki