Kurogane in Tsubasa Chronicle
Series: Tsubasa Chronicle
Gender: Male
Age: Assumed Early To Mid 20's
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Deceased parents
Residence Nihon Country
Current Status: Alive
Powers Highly Skilled Swordsman,Inhuman Strength
Physical Traits: Black Hair
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 002(Tsubasa Chronicle )
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 01 (TRC)
Voice Actors
Japanese: Tetsu Inada
English Chris Sabat

Kurogane (黒鋼) is one of the companions of Syaoran Li in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle . A ninja from feudal Japan (Nihon), he sports a black outfit (which is part of the reason why Fay D. Flourite calls him "Mr. Black", additionally the first character of his name means "black"). He is one of the two original main characters in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, not having coming from any previous CLAMP work, the other being Fay D. Flourite.

In the anime adaptation, adult Kurogane is voiced by Tetsu Inada and young Kurogane is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi. He is voiced by Chris Sabat in English and Luci Christian as young Kurogane.


Kurogane is an expert swordsman, who originally used a replica of his father's sword, Ginryū (銀竜; meaning Silver Dragon) opting to have the original buried with his mother in place of his father's remains. After giving the sword to Yūko, he obtains Sōhi (蒼氷; Japanese for Blue Ice), which he initially stores with Mokona, though Fay eventually gives him the ability to summon it from his left hand. After he cuts off his left arm to save Fay, he is granted an artificial arm through Fuma, from Piffle World, though it feels odd to him - and later a better version when the group returns to Piffle a second time. In Nihon, Tomoyo gives him the real Ginryū, admitting that she never buried it. He learns that the curse is actually a protective charm, and his only loss of strength was the loss of his arm, which helps him realize that "true strength" is protecting those close to him. He most often uses the technique, Hama Ryū-ō Jin, which is his father's trademark. In the final confrontation with Fei Wang Reed, Kurogane finally gains his revenge by delivering the fatal blow to Fei Wong Reed. It is implied that Kurogane travels with Fay and Syaoran after the series ends.