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Series: Holic
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (older age)
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: -Kohane (adopted grand daughter)

- Unknown daugher

- Unknown grand daughter

Residence Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Alive
Powers Fortune telling
Physical Traits: Is an older woman of a short stature with grey hair tied up in a bun.
First Appearance(Manga): Vol 2, Chapter 012
First Appearance(Anime) Season 1 Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese: Ikuko Tani
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Obaa-Chan is not this character's real name. In japan, Oba-chan is a name given to a person of older age, signifing respect. Her real name is unknown. Oba-Chan works as a fortune teller in Tokyo, Japan with many clients including Yuko.


Oba-chan is an older woman and has all white hair that she pulls into a tight bun at the back of her head. Oba-chan is short, even shorter than Kohane when she is nine years old. The old fortune teller always wears kimonos and has small but long eyes. Wrinkles can be seen around her kind face though it seems as if Oba-chan is in very good health for her age.

Crossover Appearence

In Kobato. Exam 4 - A Wonderful New Year's Gift, Oba-chan show up. In here, she is the same as in xxxHolic even her job. She also notice about Ioryogi who pretend to be a stuffed animal.


  • It can be assume that the Oba-chan in xxxHolic is the same as the Oba-chan who show up in Kobato. .(It can be see when there's her fortune telling's tool and she notice about Ioryogi)