Lying Lady
Lying Lady
The Women appears
Gender: Female
Wishes: Hurted pinky
Cause and Morals: Lies
Background/Alliance Information
Real Name: Unknown
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Manga - Deseased
Anime - Alive
Physical Traits: Short brown hair
Voice Actors


She appears as a casual women,usually wearing everyday outfit.She has short though curly brown hair.


The Lying lady

She first appears in Yūko shop, just after the gang was watching Watanuki cooking. Her wish is that her pinky would get better because it was feeling stiff. Yuko Ichihara advised her that the reason why her pinky couldn't move was because she had a bad habit, which is marked by a black smoke that circling her pinky. The woman denied having a bad habit and so Yuko gave her a ring to put on. Later on, Kimihiro Watanuki learns that her bad habit is lying. The woman is a compulsive liar and every time she lies, the ring that Yuko gave her gets dirtier & the black smoke gets bigger surrounding her. While she was crossing the street, she notices the dirty ring and takes it off. Suddenly, her whole body is paralized and the woman can't move. Then, the street light changes to green and a truck hits the woman. In the manga, the woman dies in the crash but in the anime, she survives and learns her lesson not to lie.