The Spider's Web
Season 2, Episode 1
The Spider Web
Air Date April 3, 2008
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Sidestory: Reminiscence (Season 1)
Left Eye


Watanuki meets Doumeki at the temple where he lives. While helping Doumeki clean the yard, Watanuki is caught in a large spiderweb hanging from a tree. Doumeki clears the spiderweb away. The next day, Doumeki experiences pain in his right eye, which later becomes covered in a substance similar to a spiderweb. Watanuki turns to Yuuko, who explains that the spider whose web Doumeki cleared away has taken its revenge by taking something of similar value to its lost web, Doumeki's eye. Watanuki feels that the spider's grudge should be directed at him, even when Yuuko points out that grudges aren't reasonable. That night, Doumeki goes outside and is engulfed by some winds, before emerging with his right eye restored. The next morning, Watanuki comes to school with a bandage over his right eye. When Doumeki later rips it off, it is shown that Watanuki's right eye has become blank and lost its vision. He has made a wish with Yuuko to return Doumeki's eye to him in exchange for his own, an act which angers Doumeki.