Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date April 17, 2008
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Left Eye
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After learning that the Zashiki-Warashi disappeared while looking for his right eye, Watanuki rushes to help her. Upon finding her, he also discovers the creature who possesses his stolen eye. Watanuki ends up escaping with the help of the pipe fox, but also ends up losing his right eye completely. In the end Doumeki gives him half of his right eye.


Differences between the Episode and the Manga

  • The only noticeable difference between this episode and the chapter / chapters it is based on was the inclusion of Ame-Warashi, and her accomodating scenes. In the episode the Rain Sprite visits Yuko's shop, having previously turned down helping Zashiki Warashi in retrieving Watanuki's eye off screen. Clearly regretting her actions she goes to Yuko for help, or perhaps even comfort. Refusing to help the shops residents build a model boat and Yamato robot, she ultimately sits out the event, only meeting up with Zashiki once the event in question has reached its conclusion. In the original Manga, Ame-Warashi played no part and was not mentioned at all.