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Series: xxxHolic
Species: Bird
Age: Unknown, assumed 12 Years
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Himawari Kunogi (Owner)
Current Status: Alive
Physical Traits: Small Bird and Yellow Colored Feather with long elegant tail.
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 120
First Appearance Anime: Episode 12
Voice Actors
Japanese: Etsukou Koakura
English: Cherami Leigh

Tanpopo (タンポポ?) is a little yellow bird which was born for Himawari's sake.


Essentially,Tanpopo is a small size bird, with yellow-colored feathers and an orange beak.

Himawari with Tanpopo


Tanpopo at Birth

A cute yellow bird hatched from an egg Yūko gave Watanuki as payment for retrieving water from a well, given while he was recovering from a near fatal injury. Actually that was the same egg that Sakura got from their visit to Kamui's world in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. According to Yūko, the bird was born for the sake of Himawari, and after Watanuki gave it to her, they are always seen together. Watanuki, at her request, names it Tanpopo (タンポポ, lit. dandelion). He was introduced in the last chapter of volume 10 of the manga. His name was given to him by Watanuki in volume 11. Tanpopo is unaffected by Himawari's unlucky jinx and thus can keep her in good company.


  • It's unknown how people never complain about Tanpopo's presence in a restaurant, a store or even the school since he's always on Himawari's shoulder.
  • Tanpopo usually copies Watanuki's rare movements and laughs with Himawari.
  • Tanpopo has shown to have it's own personality which can be defined as a childish.

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