Karasu Tengu

The Karasu Tengu

The Tengu Guardians or Karasu-Tengu unlike most depictions of tengu, which consists of well-trained, devote, and focused samurai and birds with the IQ of humans, these tengu are a bit more laxed in appearance. They are all similar in appearance, having blue jackets, carrying Harisens, and sometimes sunglasses. All of them are midgets in size (about two-feet tall) and act and resemble western biker gangs, even down to shaved heads, some of them bearing mohawks. There are six guardians all assigned to protecting Zashiki-warashi, and are prone to attacking Watanuki for making her cry. (This constant line of attacking a seemingly innocent being is a running gag in the show). The tengu travel on snowboard shaped flaps of what might be metal, wood, or plastic, and use them in midair. It is later revealed that the tengu possess a fan of immense power, considering their class of troop, but give it away as compensation to Yuko if she'll open the Spider Matron's barrier. They are primarily comic relief in the show. They won't stop even if Zashiki-warashi tells them to.They will only stop if Ame Warashi yells at them.