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Major, major spoilers for people who haven't been keeping up with Rei's storyline

Just finished reading a rough translation from Rei's last chapter so far (Chapter 38) before entering its hiatus, and just gotta say this isn't what I had expected

Some points to add:

  • Watanuki did travel into a dream, in order to gather things for Syaoran's quest
  • He wanted the dream to seem as natural as possible, so he didn't bring Mokona
  • Doumeki and Himawari followed him, only in his conscience (What does that even mean anyway?)
  • He wasn't aware that he was inside a dream, until the last chapters where he hears the voice from the phone and confronts Yuko.


  • Last chapter, we find out that "Yuko is alive in this dimension" (Big WTF moment)
  • The choice he had to make, as we had seen earlier, with those weird devices, was to either go back to his own world or stay in this "dream"
  • Eventually he realizes that he needs to go back 
  • Yuko does bid farewell, as she says "I was happy to meet you once more, Watanuki"
  • He returns to his own world, wakes up in tears

Then something that shocks me, is the mention of Himawari. Now I wasn't even sure if that was Doumeki or his grandson (Sayaka, whatever) but its a big deal since this would mean that the timeline set for Rei would be in the middle of Rou, back when Himawari and Doumeki were alive. And so the egg is still in his hands.

Which means Rei isn't really a sequel of Rou.

The chapter ends with him saying: "Because this is the path that I chose. To gather the things necessary to fulfill Syaoran's wish".


Now we're left with a cliffhanger until who knows when, since the series has officially begun its hiatus (Darn you, CLAMP!)

Any thoughts on this?

Also looking forward to "Tsubasa World Chronicle", which stars August 20.