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Greetings Everyone,

I've started a RPG based on the secondary characters who appear in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Collected Memories series. The following characters are noted on: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Collected Memories Manga Vol  1, Pg 's 190 - 193

Tsubasa Revelations Chronicles - Dramatis Personae
Premise - Their are many characters who appear in both the Tsubasa and xxxHolic Anime / Manga series. Some of these characters will look familiar but you haven't really met most of them before.

1. Sakura - She's older than her counterpart from Cardcaptor Sakura.. Princess Sakura is a happy Princess, well loved, and she possesses the power to change the world.

2. Syaoran - Syaoran's Father died in an Archaeological dig which leaving him to be an orphan. Syaoran decided to keep doing his Father's work because he's very close to learning about the secrets of the Giant Wings burned in the sand. Tsubasa's Syaoran is very different from the Cardcaptor's version of him. The CS Syaoran is dour, surly, and even rude. The Tsubasa version is open, friendly, and very clearly and dearly in Love with Princess Sakura.

3. Tomoyo - In Cardcaptor Sakura both Tomoyo and Sakura are best friends. In Tsubasa Tomoyo is the Queen of another realm and like Yukito she is a powerful Sorceress. Kurogane swears to Tomoyo that he will return to serve her again.

4. Fai D. Fluorite - Fai's reason for visiting Yuko, the space-time witch is to get away from his homeland. Like Tomoyo  he is the ruler of his land of Seresu.

5. Chi - In Chobits, Chi is a Persoocom, a personal computer found by Hideki Motosuwa. Chi and Hideki's relationship and growing Love for each other is easier to see as the series moves on. The Tsubasa version of Chi was created by Fai so she is clearly not the same character as in Chobits.

6. Watanuki - Watanuki Kimihiro will pop up in Tsubasa from time to time. His real home is in the xxxHolic Universe. xxxHolic is where Watanuki works for Yuko by cleaning, cooking, gardening, and doing whatever chores that both Yuko and Mokona (Black One) ask him to do.