Maruandmoro6 They were created by Yuko Ichihara and are helpers of the shop. Since they were created by Yuko's powers, they do not have souls and so they cannot leave the shop.
Mokona black They were also created by Yuko Ichihara and Clow Reed. Soel (the white Mokona), is in Tsubasa, helping Syaoran while Larg (the black Mokona), stays with Yuko in the shop and keeps her company.
Hd3 He is Shizuka Domeki's grandfather and looks identical to him. He often appears to Watanuki in dreams and offers him useful advice.
Zerochan.Ame-warashi.292885 Is a rain sprite. She first met Kimihiro Watanuki as a customer to the shop but she and Yuko Ichihara had already known each other before that.
Tanpopo Is a bird that Kimihiro Watanuki gave to Himawari Kunogi. Tanpopo is immune to Himawari's bad luck and so, for company, she keeps him on her shoulder throughout the day.
Zashiki-Warashi-xxxholic-2680302-369-426 Is a vestial sprite that lives off in the mountains and is protected by the Tengu Guardians and by Ame Warashi. She has a deep crush on Kimihiro Watanuki.
Kuda Kitsune Is one of Yuko Ichihara's pets that is passed on to Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHolic ROU. He can change between his small pipe fox form or his full fox form.
250px-3 mokonas The original Mokona that the Mokona Modokis were modeled after by Yuko Ichihara and Clow Reed.
Neko Musume Is a kind of "cat girl" from a different dimension though she has been seen in our world. She was once Yuuko's customer.
65486 Is the queen of spiders. She is the one who not only took, but ate Kimihiro Watanuki's right eye and captured Zashiki Warashi. In xxxHolic RO, she is a customer at Watanuki's shop and seems to take a liking to him.
Chibi Kitsune Is Kitsune's son and helps him run the oden stand. He is Kimihiro Watanuki's friend
Kistune Is Chibi Kitsune's father. He owns an oden stand and is friends with both Yuko Ichihara and Kimihiro Watanuki.
Clow reed Was Yuko Ichihara's partner when they were traveling through different dimensions. He is a grand wizard and help Yuko create the two Mokona Modoki. The nature of his relationship with Yuuko is unknown.
DC Lives in a different dimensions collecting, nurturing, and selling dreams.