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XxxHolic-Wallpaper-12-xxxholic-2667370-1024-768 Was the mysterious and carefree shop owner for many years before Watanuki took over. She is often associated with the butterfly.
Watanuki Is the current owner of the shop. He used to work for Yuko Ichihara as a helper before she died and he decided to take over the shop. He is often associated with a bird.
Doumeki Is Watanuki's closest friend even though they fight often. He has accompanied Watanuki on all his hardships throughout his life and remains a loyal friend.
Hinawari kimono Was Watanuki's primary love interest in xxxHolic though the relationship dissapeared in xxxHolic RO when Watanuki became the new shop owner.
Xxxholickei kohane Like Watanuki, Kohane can see spirits. She is a shy but caring girl and is like a sister to Watanuki.