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Yūko's Shop is the place where most of the storyline develops. This place also works as a residence to Yūko Ichihara. People residing the shop include: Yūko, Maru and Moro, Larg (Black Mokona) and Watanuki.

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, it is the place where Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai D. Flowright meet for the first time. The shop is located in Tokyo, Japan. (According to CLAMP's Universe, other manga developed in the same world/time would be Suki, Dakara Suki, Lawful Drug, Kobato and possibly CardCaptor Sakura.)

The store offers to grant wishes in exchange for a payment equal in value to the wish. This is a reference point through worlds, which is demonstrated by its traditional design in contrast to the modern architecture of the 21st century. However, the building can only be seen by those who need help or by spirits and monsters of all kinds, especially the bad ones, as the house is protected by a kekkai (i.e a spiritual barrier) that keeps these spirits away. [1]In the eyes of those who do not have a deep desire for something, they will only see an abandoned empty field among other buildings adjacent to the property. [2]. The presence of Yūko at the shop takes on a ghostly touch since incense can be seen when it is lit, as well as the smoke from her kiseru giving a personal touch from the witch.

The house is a shop where it occurs - converge - the inevitable, which is the fact of entering at the most desperate moment in life to ask for a wish and give in return -this is one of the most attractive points of xxxHOLiC series- something of equal value. "Nothing more, nothing less" is the rule which, in most cases, turns out to be the most valuable thing a person possesses. The stories take on a tinge of psychological terror, usually with a final dialogue or monologue from Yūko about the theme of the chapter.

The objects found there are not strange to Yūko, who knows their origin and the person for whom they are intended, but never says so. She doesn't reveal her true intentions, but waits for the inevitable to happen.

The shop's existence is connected to the fates of the characters in both xxxHolic and Tsubasa. As Tsubasa's story advances, Yūko and Mokona see that the shop's wards are weakening. In chapter 157 of xxxHolic, the wards of the shop collapse, revealing the shop completely. It is most likely this event which makes it possible for Fei Wong Reed to attack Yūko in chapter 183 of Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE. In chapter 167 (xxxHolic), the shop itself dissolves, but the Storage Room is unaffected, providing Yūko the opportunity to continue her plans.

It should be noted that Yūko states that the shop has been especially created for one purpose: "for the day which has to come," which is later revealed in Tsubasa-RC- to be the day when the Clones would have to be revived because Yūko paid for Sakura's new life with all the items she kept in the Storage Room, while Syaoran's new life was paid with Clow Reed's magic. This is also the room where she keeps the tube containing Sakura and Syaoran Li, who she releases in the final arc of Tsubasa -RC-.

When Yūko dies, Watanuki decides to take over as the Owner, until he meets Yūko again. At first, Watanuki has trouble finding out the balance for the wishes and is hurt in the process. However, 10 years later, he seems to understand the rules involving granting wishes, and he is hurt no longer.

Employer and Employees

In xxxHOLiC, Yūko Ichihara is the Owner of a shop that specializes in granting wishes. However, in xxxHOLiC Rei, Kimihiro Watanuki has taken over. Like Yūko, Watanuki's aging has ceased, but he cannot go outdoors, like Yūko could.

Employer (shop owner):




  • The Lying Lady - Rin
  • The Troubled Housewife - Hana-Hana
  • The Folklore Student - Nanami
  • The Twins - Kaoruko and Sakurako
  • The Photo Woman - Yuri
  • The Exorcised Girl - Kayano
  • The Cooking Lady - Unknown
  • The Cheating Girl - Unknown



Many of the items in the Storage Room include items from other CLAMP works:

  • The High Moon vase from Gohou Drug, which she claims she acquired from the "anything goes" store (though Watanuki thinks she stole it).
  • Sakura's staff from Cardcaptor Sakura, which is revealed to be a replica of the original. She does possess the real Staff, which is used as payment for Tsubasa Li's travel.
  • A stuffed toy resembling Kero.
  • She also has Fai's tattoo and magical staff, Kurogane's Ginryuu (Silver Dragon) sword, and the clothes worn initially by Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane.
  • Both Watanuki's and Clone Sakura's memories.
  • Sakura's bag from Cardcaptor Sakura, which Yūko gives to Watanuki in Chapter 005.
  • Ear headphones resembling the persocom ears in Chobits.
  • Hikaru's sword from Magic Knights Rayearth.
  • A bird cage containing birds similar to the birds in Clover that can only be seen in the light of a full moon. It is later given to the Kitsune family.
  • When delivering the birds similar to Clover, the man who got the birds has the same insignia of Fei Wong Reed.
  • Twelve jars of pure water taken from a well at a mansion.
  • Glasses resembling Clow Reed's (Cardcaptor Sakura).
  • Other xxxHolic items used in the storyline are: the Monkey's Paw; a red aluminum bat inscribed with the characters for "Zantetsuken" ("Executioner's Sword" and reference to Lupin III), used to cut through a woman's laptop computer and for beating a carpet with a living butterfly pattern; a picture frame containing a moving picture; the ring used on a girl with a bad lying habit; swords given as payment by Ashura in the Tsubasa group and xxxHolic crossover; and another picture frame that has an Akari image in it.

The most important items are: the tube/capsule that Yūko uses to contain Sakura and Syaoran Li. This item is a world in and of itself. There is an identical tube that Yūko owns that is used to keep Sakura's soul (Dream World) where it goes after Infinity in order to avoid being stabbed by Fai.


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